Welcome to Kinetic Kids, Inc., South Florida’s premier provider of therapy services to
children with special needs.  At Kinetic Kids, Inc., we pride ourselves on a standard of
personal care and devotion that is seldom, if ever, matched in the all too often
impersonal health care field.  Each of our dedicated therapists has internalized a
tremendous sense of responsibility derived from our focused efforts to improve a
child’s abilities and skills and to expand horizons as we meet them.  We at Kinetic Kids,
Inc. firmly believe that we have not done our job until a child’s life is a little better and a
little more complete.

Our company was founded expressly with the intent of treating children diagnosed with
Autism and Pervasive Developmental Delay.  Because of our intense desire to help as
many children as we can, we have expanded to include treatment of children
diagnosed with a wide array of other issues ranging from chronic and severe
disabilities to minor and transient difficulties.  At Kinetic Kids, Inc., we pride ourselves
on helping every child that we are capable of helping. No child is turned away because
of severity of condition. We accept full payment from Medicaid and many other forms
of insurance, and we do our best to help all families regardless of financial condition. If
we believe we can help a child, we want that child in our family.  


We are very proud to announce that In April of 2010 Kinetic Kids Inc. will be moving
our primary pediatric teaching clinic to 11251 NW 20th street, suite 118, Miami
Florida.  The new clinic is roughly twice the size of our previous space on the campus
of Florida International University and will allow us more flexibility to better
accommodate the therapeutic and scheduling demands of our families. Furthermore,
because of the new location's increased size, parking availability, and hours of
accessibility we will be able to provide additional services and programming in the
upcoming months and years that will profoundly expand our scope of practice.  The
new clinic is also very favorably positioned near the turnpike, 836, 826 and, as an
added benefit, is next to the Dolphin Mall.

The mission of the clinic remains unchanged and can be broken down into three
distinct components. The first and most important component of which is to provide
children with special needs the absolute best quality of care available today. Our
dedicated team of therapists has provided and will continue to provide high quality,
reliable, services to children in their homes, in their schools, and in our clinic. We will
continue to meet the needs of the individual child wherever that need is most apparent
and best served.  

The second component of our mission  involves our continued work with professors
and advisory staff to research, publish, design, test and refine new treatment
methodologies and strategies spanning the entirety of the literature on best practices
for the treatment of children diagnosed with special needs.  The things we will
discover, prove, or disprove will not only benefit the children under our direct care, but
will hopefully benefit many children beyond our auspices.

The third component of our mission involves the hands-on training of therapy students
by giving them real world experience in a fully functional, state-of-the-art, pediatric
clinic. Therapy students will observe treatment sessions and eventually execute
treatment plans for individual children.  Hopefully, many will take up the torch as the
next generation of caring pediatric therapists.


In July 2006, Kinetic Kids, Inc. officially partnered with Florida International University
to develop a pediatric research and teaching clinic on campus with a focus of
providing services to children with autism.  Every member of the Kinetic Kids, Inc. staff
is extremely proud that Florida International University selected us to undertake this
tremendously important mission.  In spite of the fact that we are moving off campus,
our relationship with the University will continue unabated. We will continue to
collaborate on research and grants as we have done since 2006 as well as continue
to provide real world therapy opportunities to students.  


In November of 2009, Kinetic Kids Inc. began negotiations with Barry University to
develop a new satellite clinic on campus. While final agreement has not yet been
reached, we are fully confident that we will begin opening the doors to our next
innovative clinic in the upcoming weeks and months.
(305) 778-9198